Sparkling Wellness


The secret of the Sparkling Wellness: a one-of-a-kind symbiosis of space and time combined with competency and passion. After all, we offer you plenty of room to allow you to focus on yourself and your amazing environment with all of your senses for pure enjoyment.

We are passionately dedicated to the Sparkling Wellness. We bring together natural ingredients and state-of-the-art high-tech concentrates paired with stem cells in a sophisticated, skilful manner. We take you on journeys of the mind to Tibet and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the absolute privacy of our SPA cottages.

Our philosophy is just as special and unique as you are. Our pampering treatments will introduce you to your "individual treatment path", which will be customized to best accommodate your current condition, state-of-mind and wellbeing needs. Being fully aware of your needs, your team of competent and grounded therapists will provide the support you are yearning for and will extend warm heartfelt care to you.

Welcome to the Sparkling Wellness.



Our covered outdoor pool spans 15 m x 6.5 m; the water level ranges from 1.20–1.40 m. Framed by natural black stone, the interplay of the water, light and colours is truly fascinating. The pool water is kept at consistent temperature just a little over 30° C to ensure that you will have a comfortable bathing experience year-round.



A Tibetan medial tradition that dates back 4'000 years. "Ku Nye" has its roots in the oldest of Tibetan kingdoms and is one of the most authentic treatment methods attributed to Tibet. "Ku Nye" means applying oil. It improves the mobility of joints. During the session, hot and cold treatments are applied; tissue, muscles and tendons are knead, rubbed, tapped and pressed.

Sparkling treatments offer you the vast choices that make up the diverse Sparkling Wellness portfolio. It comprises everything from traditional massage treatments to hot stone therapy to treatments custom tailored to your specific needs featuring our Bvlgari and Kenzoki products to make available to you an integral wellness and pampering programme.

St Barth
The fragrances of the Caribbean, the active ingredients of tropical plants and the Caribbean savoir vivre will take you on an enthralling journey to St. Barth right here at the Sparkling Wellness.

Treatments at the lake
Enjoy in the summer season relaxing moments during a massage right on the lakefront. We will give you plenty of space to allow you to drink in the wonderful setting, become aware of yourself and indulge with all of your senses. Regardless of whether you choose a classic massage, a Tibetan massage or a pressure point treatment – the Sparkling Wellness team will bring your body and mind into total balance and harmony with and in nature.

Our treatments


Cosmetics – Med Beauty
Med Beauty Swiss is the leading Swiss provider of medical cosmetic products and treatments.
“Cell premium”, a Swiss product, is the world’s first medical-cosmetic luxury treatment line. It is based on the “Advanced Anti-Aging Complex by Dr. Gerny” featuring active plant stem cells. This trailblazing innovation protects and regenerates the stem cells of the epidermis while delivering visual skin rejuvenating results that one can also feel immediately.

Medical Cosmetics – Mesoneedling

Mesoneedling therapy is a gentle and highly effective treatment method that improves the appearance of facial and body skin instantly as well as in the long term. Mesoneedling is an approach that optimizes the skin’s structure and makes blemishes such as lines and wrinkles, large pores, pigment discolourations, scars, acne marks and stretch marks vanish.

Medical Cosmetics – Med Beauty

Med Beauty Swiss offers products and treatments that target specific skin problems; provide preventative everyday protection and that give those who receive treatment a youthful, healthy and radiant appearance. The Sparkling Wellness offers a unique portfolio of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments that span the entire range from medical peelings to wrinkle erasure injections to curative diet programmes.


A brand new Bvlgari product that has just been launched into the world market combines the only two types of red tea in a magnificent fragrance creation for the very first time.

Kenzoki pampers your skin with nourishing elements from the heart of plants. Plant essences, the life giving elixirs of botanicals, are perfectly compatible with human skin and contain a balanced blend of essential oils, trace elements and minerals.

Facial and body hair, regrowing hair and visible hair roots are annoying – regardless of where they are located. At the Sparkling Wellness we will remove unwanted hair using the hot wax or IPL “intense pulsed light” methods – to ensure that your skin is super smooth and remains that way for a long time.

Our cosmetics-offer

SPA cottage

Private SPA use
Enjoy private SPA use in its most beautiful way. Six Asian inspired SPA cottages, each offering
70 m2 of ample floor space, promise peace and exclusivity. High quality materials made of natural stone and exotic woods as well as delicate fragrances let you dive in. A cup of tea, fresh fruits and your favourite music allow yourself relaxation and sensual relish.

The six SPA cottages are named after gemstones, which have their own magical significance:

Ruby – The life force and the power of love
Sodalite – The power of muse and perception
Chrysocolla – The power of harmony
Calcite – The power of clear thought
Amethyst – The power of spiritual alertness
Rose Quartz – The primal force of love, romance and sensitivity

Each cottage features individual saunas/tepid steam rooms or Roman steam rooms and a whirlpool or a tub for bathing. In addition, our six SPA cottages feature an invigorating power shower and refreshing crushed ice, a foot soak, waterbed, tanning bed, wide screen TV, stereo/CD/DVD player and offer the opportunity to take advantage of our treatments. The cottages can be shaded and lightly cooled in summer.

Our SPA cottages are available for a minimum duration of 2 hours and a maximum occupancy of 4 guests.



From Monday through Thursday 2 h 300.00
From Friday through Sunday and on holidays 2 h 340.00
Each additional hour 100.00


Hotel guests receive a reduction of CHF 20.00 on SPA cottages. Pre-arranged regular rentals available on request.

Our SPA cottages


Sparkling for kids
Aromatherapy massages, chocolate treatments as well as manicures or pedicures featuring glittering stars and stones. Our young guests enjoy age appropriate SPA programmes and get to relax in the sweetest of ways.

Beauty Day

Have you been longing for a beauty day? A day to spend on your own, as a couple or even with your children? Here at the Sparkling Wellness we make such dreams come true and take you on a journey – regardless of whether it’s just you or you and your loved ones – your wish is our command!

Our kids-offer


Sparkling wellness Club
Membership in Sparkling Wellness Club entitles guests to especially luxurious amenities and exclusive services. Members benefit from one-of-a-kind wellness treats and numerous privileges that make every season special. Treat yourself to some time off to restore your mind, body and spirit whenever you can. You will enjoy indulgences that truly offer you the most beautiful ways to calm the senses.

Enjoy the many benefits and amenities of the Sparkling Wellness Club:

  • Fitness room with modern resilience and strength training equipment
  • Sparkling pool and relaxation zones
  • Fresh fruit, small delicious snacks and beverages served in our relaxation zones
  • Access to the hotel’s private beach incl. lawn chairs and parasols
  • Complimentary use of kayaks and SUP boards
  • Changing rooms, bath robes, slippers and bath towels
  • Treatments and SPA cottages of your choice valued at CHF 1’000.00
  • 20 % discount on treatments and SPA cottages after consume of the credit
  • Complimentary parking

Would you like to take advantage of these fantastic amenities? If so, please contact the
Sparkling Wellness team – we will be pleased to assist you.


Club membership CHF
Adult one-year club membership 3’000.00
Adult half-year club membership 1'800.00
Light membership, access Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
excl. the service treatments of your choice
Light half-year membership, access Monday – Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m. 
excl. the service treatments of your choice
Junior one-year club membership (up to the age of 16) 2’500.00


Enjoy your workout in the bright ambience of our gym with view on the Japanese garden.

  • Chosen gym machines of the brand leader Power Plate and Cybex for cardiovascular and strength training
  • Headphones and flat screens on the gym machines
  • Personal trainer and sports activities according to daily schedule
  • Bikes, canoes and SUP boards free of charge





Phone: +41 41 392 05 00



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