Our vision

We are an enchanting, independent hotel resort in the luxury segment. We satisfy our guests with experiences at an extraordinarily high level of quality.

As exemplary hosts we distinguish ourselves with a culture of impeccable service. This is adapted to the personal and individual needs of our guests.

We invest in high-quality, sustainable products and materials. Our hotel lives up to the aesthetic and ethical values of our discerning clientele.

This is how we secure our place among the finest hotels in the world.

Employees and guests are at the focus of our activities.
We respect and cultivate our employees as individual personalities and within the scope of our standards of quality. Our employees know that mutual esteem and collaboration as a team are preconditions for the extraordinary level of the services we provide.

The environment
We view ourselves as part of the intact world of nature that surrounds us. We safeguard resources, and our actions are environmentally aware. We take the same approach to heightening employees' and guests' awareness of these circumstances.

At all times, we conduct ourselves in a spirit of partnership, with honesty, fairness and an ethical view to long-term consequences. We strive to achieve financial gain to secure the existence of the Company.

Our approach towards the evolving values of our society is characterised by openness and a spirit of innovation. We pursue new trends and take up the challenges of our time.

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