La Brasserie

La Brasserie

La Brasserie – Saveurs du Sud

LA VIE EN FRANCE at Park Weggis. La Brasserie reflects the Southern lightness with its sun, joie de vivre and the delicious scent of aromatic herbs. Indulge in a casual atmosphere crisp salads, delicious vegetables, fresh fish and selected Southern French specialities.

Well-chosen wines from Bordelaise, Burgundy and furthermore French wine-producing regions accompany the culinary voyage. SOYEZ LES BIENVENUS!

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понедельник до воскресенья Ресторан работает днём с 07:00

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Park Grill

  • Park Grill


Награжден 14 баллами «Gault Millau».
В нашем ресторане «Park Grill» мы предлагаем Вам превосходные блюда из лучших натуральных ингредиентов, произведенных в экологически безопасных условиях и тщательно отобранных знаменитым шеф-поваром Андре Егером*, в сопровождении невероятных изысканных вин из наших легендарных погребов. И всё это – с неповторимым видом на живописное Фирвальдштетское озеро посреди величественных Альп в Центральной Швейцарии.

Ресторан «Park Grill» – это страсть к простой и честной кухне, превосходному мясу, свежим овощам, невероятно вкусным крабам, омарам и креветкам, и, конечно же, к бескомпромиссному качеству.

* Андре Егер, владелец ресторана «Die Fischerzunft» в городе Шаффхаузен, является одним из  самых авторитетных шеф-поваров в Швейцарии и неоднократно получал звание «повар года», а с 1995 года его талант отмечен престижной оценкой – 19 баллами от знаменитого ресторанного путеводителя «Gault-Millau». Андре Егер играет определяющую роль в работе ресторана «Park Grill» в рамках очень тесного и продуктивного сотрудничества.

Время работы
Понедельник и вторник закрыто
Со среды по субботу с 18:00
Воскресенье и праздники в обеденное время с 11:30 / вечером с 18:00


Основное меню Карта вин
Десертное меню
Карта вин – подаваемых в бокалах
Заказ столика

  • Florian Gilges and André Jaeger
  • Park Grill ingredients
  • André Jaeger, Fischerzunft Schaffhausen

Prepared authentically, true and traditionally. Beef of the Western pasture of the middle of America, pig from Spain, exquisite calf from Swiss farms. Grown up without hormones and antibiotics on vast pasture, produced under strict editions. And from unequalled taste. The meat is ordered by quantity – in that way every meat lover can devote by himself to his passion exactly on 100 grammes. The garnish to every meal, if meat or fish, is chosen individual by the guest after own taste: from salad over different vegetables up to all variations of potatoes, in Park Grill each is creating his dinner exactly as he wants it.

Together with André Jaeger, a longstanding friend of Park Weggis, the concept of Park Grill was constituted in only four months. The former chef from restaurant "Fischerzunft" in Schaffhausen takes part in the circle of the best cooks in Switzerland, he is numerous called "cook of the year" and named 19 points in GaultMillau for twenty years. His passion and constantly open minded attitude for the newest enabled him in Switzerland an unique concept. The common passion for America and its culture of grills as the Capitol in Boston or Smith & Wollensky in New York are celebrating marked the restaurant basically. A very nice slice of meat and a simple garnish but perfectly prepared – the whole team was dedicated to this.

In Park Grill courage of simplicity is lived. Or in other words "reduced to the max". Only the best ingredients of natural and lasting production, as well as chosen by André Jaeger, are served. Florian Gilges, chef cuisine Park Weggis and his team use these products purely and with highest quality requirement. Dishes are accompanied by exceptionel wines of the cellars of Park Weggis. The only one who is not reduced or simple is the incredible view on Lake Lucerne to the Alps.

André Jaeger assumed the restaurant "Fischerzunft" in 1981 from his father. The cook and qualified of the hotel management school of Lausanne was himself the cook of the restaurant "Fischerzunft" until 2015 and displayed his whole knowledge day after day. This personal commitment assured the restaurant a genuineness and individuality which searched similar ones in German-speaking Switzerland.

Linked to the renewal and change of the hotel and restaurant in a luxury establishment André Jaeger rised up to one of the best cooks and received twice from GaultMillau the award as "cook of the year". From 1995 until 2015 GaultMillau assessed André Jaeger with 19 points. In 2010 he was honoured from guide Bertelsmann as "cook of the year" in Switzerland and he carried a guide Michelin star until his retirement in 2015.



Park Grill Serviceteam

From the left to the right: Conny Neefe, Sandra Brandstätter und Anna-Lara Hartlieb.



Park Grill Küchenteam

From the left to the right: Dennis Krengel, Florian Gilges, David Mondel und Sébastian Jäggi.

Florian Gilges is skilled cook and sees himself as an inventive practitioner. After different stations in Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada, he came in 2001 to Park Weggis. First as a member of the kitchen crew of restaurant Annex, after as sous-chef of the restaurant Sparks. Since 2014 he manages as chef with creativity, sense for pleasure and courage for renewal the Park Weggis kitchens with its three restaurants – La Brasserie, Park Grill (14 points GaultMillau) and The Grape.

Park Grill meat

Park Grill is passion for excellent meat, well-chosen by André Jaeger and with lasting effect prepared by the kitchen crew of the Park Grill. The suppliers from Switzerland, Spain and America produce under highest quality claims and stand for a sustainable production. The animals spend most time of their life in free nature, enjoying a appropriate treatment and are held after the newest animal protection regulations. For indulgence of which the guest feels comfortable.



US greenline organic beef

US prime Black Angus
USDA Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Nebraska Wagyu

Iberian pork

Swiss veal handselected

Sine Qua Non
  • Sine Qua Non; Manfred Krankl
  • Vinothek im Park; Christian Bock

The Austrian emigrant and restaurateur Manfred Krankl was astonished about the exorbitant prices of hip cult wines in California. In 1994 he founded the winery "Ventura Avenue" to produce wines of his own, very successful restaurant in Los Angeles. There he selects the best possible grapes (above all the Rhone varieties like Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre) and produces his legendary Sine Qua Non's. The microamounts (only a few of thousand bottles), the ongoing high rating by Parker (more than 10 times 100 points) as well as constantly varying names, courageously formed labels and bottles did Sine Qua Non in a minimum of time to a popular collective object for wine lovers all around the globe.

Park grill has the biggest choice by far in whole of Switzerland and is proud to serve you these unique wines also from the barrel.


OUR SOURCE FOR FINE WINES is the to the Park Weggis belonging wine store. The high-profile is the purchase and sales of marvellous wines. Within the 2'000 different wines only the best Bordeauxes, Burgundians and Cabernets from Napa Valley as well as wines from all around the world are found. The sales team under the direction of master sommelier Christian Bock fulfils your wishes at the highest level.


Sine Qua Non

Wine list

Wine list – Wine by the glass


You can use our products also at home in your kitchen. Please note that there is a postage surcharge with the retail price (settled at CHF 5.00).

Get in contact with us, with pleasure we will send you the desired item.


Extra Vergine di Oliva

The fine own taste with its light acid adapts harmonical to the flavours of comestibles and is suited ideally to lend a nice Mediterranean touch to salad sauces. Medio is the ideal oil for a potato salad, for vegetables and mushrooms, for fish and in particular tuna, for crustaceans, fowl, in a meat tatar as well as for deep-frying of desserts.

CHF 24.00 per bottle



Extra Vergine di Oliva

The young, perky with a distinctive own taste is the perfect oil for rocket and cress salad and supports smart the flavours of artichokes, tomatoes and sweet pepper as well as legumes. Ideally for a superior pasta Fagioli as well as for regular pasta and lamb meat. And thanks to his intensive own flavour the pure intenso becomes with a fresh French stick the irresistible amuse bouche.

CHF 24.00 per bottle



Mustard aroma in its finest form, smooth and aromatic. This is a very mild mustard mixture which suits many courts as garnish. To grilled meat of all kind, to mild sausages, to cheese and cold cuts. However, the mixture is also suited as a base for salad sauces, marinades and to spice creamy sauces.
Soggy, tepid potato salad with cream mustard is worth an attempt.

CHF 7.10 per glass




Wasabi, the hot Japanese horseradish root, once quite differently. As a mustard infers with figs it receives a new taste dimension. The spiciness is no longer that dominantly, the popular flavour, nevertheless, fully present.
Wasabi mustard fits to many comestibles like salmon, smoked, cooked or grilled, to tuna as well as to cold and warm white fowl. It is suited as a base for dressing of every kind. TIP: Cooked beetroot with Wasabi mustard dressed as a salad!

CHF 7.10 per glass



The blades of the Kai Shun Premier knives with a core of VG-10 steel and a hardness of 61±1 HRC do not only have a beautiful grain, which is created by corroding the 32 layers of forged steel, but also have a hand made hammer stroke surface, which is known in Japan as Tsuchime. Thanks to this extreme hardness and the polished edge, this blade cuts food like a razor.

CHF 756.00 per set in a wood box with 4 knives
CHF 378.00 per set in a wood box with 2 knives





Black apron with overprint «Park Grill»

CHF 35.00 per apron





  • Park Grill – entrance with bar
    Park Grill – entrance with bar
  • Park Grill – table with lake view
    Park Grill – table with lake view
  • Park Grill
    Park Grill
  • Park Grill – table in niche
    Park Grill – table in niche
  • Park Grill – meat and wedges
    Park Grill – meat and wedges
  • Park Grill – lobster
    Park Grill – lobster
  • Park Grill – key lime pie
    Park Grill – key lime pie

The Grape

Restaurant The Grape

The Grape

Калифорнийские вина из долины Напа, деликатесы со всего мира и широкий выбор сочных бифштексов прямо из гриля. В трех минутах ходьбы от отеля.

Еда на вынос, заказы ежедневно с 18:00 до 22:00 (кроме среды).

часы́ рабо́ты
понеде́льник–вто́рник и
днём начина́я 11:30–14:00/вечера́ми начина́я 18:00
воскресе́нье начина́я 11:30


Столики резервируются заранее по тел. +41 41 392 07 07.
Также предлагается ряд вин для прямой продажи.

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LALIQUE Caviar Бар

LALIQUE Caviar Bar

LALIQUE Caviar Бар

Место для встреч, отдыха и наслаждения живописным видом на озеро Люцерн. Бар декорирован произведениями искусства французского производителя кристаллов - LALIQUE. Вкуснейшая икра, широкий выбор сигар и солодового виски.

биле́т бар

Beach Bar Lounge


  • Wine Cellar
  • Wine Spectator


Любовь и страсть к мелочам проявляются во всем: в архитектуре бара, кулинарии и, конечно, выборе вин. Сводчатые подвалы, оформленные под старину, предназначены для приватного пользования. Общее количество мест – 32.

Отель «Park Weggis» может похвастаться одной из самых лучших в Швейцарии винных карт, насчитывающей около 2600 наименований вин. Ассортимент также включает редчайшие сорта. Откройте для себя вина из лучших сортов винограда со всего мира и новые вкусовые ощущения.

Широкий ассортимент вин доступен для наших гостей и любителей вина не только в каждом из ресторанов отеля, но также и в винном бутике Винотеки. Многообразие выбора открывает новые грани удовольствий! Профессиональный совет Вы всегда можете получить от нашего мастера-сомелье Кристиана Бока, удостоенного награды "Trophée Ruinart" как лучший сомелье Швейцарии 2005-2006.

Винная карта была удостоена награды «Высший знак превосходства» (Best of Award of Excellence) авторитетного издания «Wine Spectator». Это вторая категория наград от «Wine Spectator», которая является следующей ступенью признания после награды «Знак превосходства» (Award of Excellence) и присуждается за качественно составленную винную карту, представляющую разнообразный подбор по географии вин, сортам винограда и урожаям определенных лет.


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