La Brasserie

La Brasserie

La Brasserie – Saveurs du Sud

LA VIE EN FRANCE at Park Weggis. La Brasserie reflects the Southern lightness with its sun, joie de vivre and the delicious scent of aromatic herbs. Indulge in a casual atmosphere crisp salads, delicious vegetables, fresh fish and selected Southern French specialities.

Well-chosen wines from Bordelaise, Burgundy and furthermore French wine-producing regions accompany the culinary voyage. SOYEZ LES BIENVENUS!

7 a.m.开始



Park Grill

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Park Grill -纯净天然
André Jaeger及Park Weggis

在Park Grill,我们仅仅采购来自天然可持续农场、采摘和狩猎来源的精选食材,并且由André Jaeger*精心挑选,精心烹制为您奉献上美味佳肴,搭配我们传奇窖藏的高档葡萄酒,让您体验超凡的美食体验。当您享受这些美食之时,还可尽情欣赏卢塞恩湖、阿尔卑斯山和瑞士中部的壮丽景色。

Park Grill代表了我们对于美食返璞归真的不懈追求,崇尚简朴而真诚的菜肴、品质上乘的肉类、精湛的刀功、令人垂涎欲滴的甲壳类、田间地头采摘的新鲜蔬菜,我们对于品质的追求是持之以恒的完美无缺。

* André Jaeger,先前任职于Fischerzunft Schaffhausen,是瑞士最负盛名的名厨之一,曾多次荣获"年度厨师"大奖。他20 多年来一直获得GaultMillau的19分评级。通过友好关系合作安排,他得以在Park Grill奉献他标志性的精湛厨艺。

周三至周六从 6 p.m.开始
星期日及节假日中午从 11.30 a.m.开始/晚上从 6 p.m. 开始


菜单 酒单
酒单– 按杯供应红酒

  • Florian Gilges und André Jaeger
  • Park Grill Zutaten
  • André Jaeger, Fischerzunft Schaffhausen

天然、真实传统精心烹制。美国中西部牧场的牛肉、西班牙猪肉以及瑞士农场的精致小牛。所有动物都是在辽阔的牧场长大,不含任何激素和抗生素,并且采用严格的流程进行生产加工。无与伦比的滋味。肉类按数量点——这样每位爱吃肉的美食家都可以将热情集中在精确的100 克肉上。每道菜的配菜,不论是肉或鱼,都由客人根据自己的口味进行单独选择:从不同蔬菜制成的美味沙拉到品种繁多的土豆,在Park Grill每位食客都可以根据自己的口味配制他喜欢的晚餐。

携手Park Weggis 的老友André Jaeger,Park Grill的概念仅仅在四个月内就完成了。他以前是Schaffhausen的"Fischerzunft"餐厅的大厨,位列瑞士最佳厨师之列,他多次赢得“年度厨师”大奖,并且在GaultMillau二十多年的评级中获得19分的高分。André Jaeger对厨艺的激情以及对创新孜孜以求的精神使他成为瑞士独特的概念。对于美国及其烧烤文化的共同热爱,波士顿Capitol以及纽约的Smith & Wollensky都在庆祝简单淳朴的餐厅。刀功精湛的肉片,简单而精美的陈列——整个团队都专门致力于此类菜式。

Park Grill崇尚对极简主义的勇气。或者换而言之就是“精简到极致"。精选最好的天然食材以及持久生产,并经André Jaeger精挑细选,只有这样的上等食材才能端上餐桌。Florian Gilges担纲Park Weggis主厨,领导他的团队将这些天然最高品质的食材物尽其用。这些精美菜肴搭配Park Weggis窖藏的高档葡萄酒。唯一没有降低或精简的是阿尔卑斯山卢塞恩湖的美景。

1981 年André Jaeger从他的父亲手中接管"Fischerzunft"餐厅。他毕业于洛桑酒店管理学校学习烹饪,他自己担纲"Fischerzunft"大厨一直到 2015 年,在日复一日的工作中将他全部的厨艺知识奉献给各位美食家。他这种个人承诺保证餐厅具有纯正口味和个性,这在瑞士德语区餐厅具有相似的风格。

将酒店和餐厅提升到奢华档次而言,André Jaeger位列最佳的厨师之一,而且两次赢得GaultMillau的"年度厨师"大奖。从 1995 年到 2015 年, André Jaeger获得GaultMillau评级19 分。2010 年他荣获贝塔斯曼指南的瑞士"年度厨师"大奖以及米其林星级指南,一直到他2015 年退休。



Park Grill Serviceteam

From the left to the right: Conny Neefe, Sandra Brandstätter und Anna-Lara Hartlieb.



Park Grill Küchenteam

From the left to the right: Dennis Krengel, Florian Gilges, David Mondel und Sébastian Jäggi.

Florian Gilges is skilled cook and sees himself as an inventive practitioner. After different stations in Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada, he came in 2001 to Park Weggis. First as a member of the kitchen crew of restaurant Annex, after as sous-chef of the restaurant Sparks. Since 2014 he manages as chef with creativity, sense for pleasure and courage for renewal the Park Weggis kitchens with its three restaurants – La Brasserie, Park Grill (14 points GaultMillau) and The Grape.

Park Grill Fleisch

Park Grill is passion for excellent meat, well-chosen by André Jaeger and with lasting effect prepared by the kitchen crew of the Park Grill. The suppliers from Switzerland, Spain and America produce under highest quality claims and stand for a sustainable production. The animals spend most time of their life in free nature, enjoying a appropriate treatment and are held after the newest animal protection regulations. For indulgence of which the guest feels comfortable.



US greenline organic beef

US prime Black Angus
USDA Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Nebraska Wagyu

Iberian pork

Swiss veal handselected

Sine Qua Non
  • Sine Qua Non; Manfred Krankl
  • Vinothek im Park; Christian Bock

The Austrian emigrant and restaurateur Manfred Krankl was astonished about the exorbitant prices of hip cult wines in California. In 1994 he founded the winery "Ventura Avenue" to produce wines of his own, very successful restaurant in Los Angeles. There he selects the best possible grapes (above all the Rhone varieties like Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre) and produces his legendary Sine Qua Non's. The microamounts (only a few of thousand bottles), the ongoing high rating by Parker (more than 10 times 100 points) as well as constantly varying names, courageously formed labels and bottles did Sine Qua Non in a minimum of time to a popular collective object for wine lovers all around the globe.

Park grill has the biggest choice by far in whole of Switzerland and is proud to serve you these unique wines also from the barrel.


OUR SOURCE FOR FINE WINES is the to the Park Weggis belonging wine store. The high-profile is the purchase and sales of marvellous wines. Within the 2'000 different wines only the best Bordeauxes, Burgundians and Cabernets from Napa Valley as well as wines from all around the world are found. The sales team under the direction of master sommelier Christian Bock fulfils your wishes at the highest level.


Sine Qua Non

Wine list

Wine list – Wine by the glass


You can use our products also at home in your kitchen. Please note that there is a postage surcharge with the retail price (settled at CHF 5.00).

Get in contact with us, with pleasure we will send you the desired item.


Extra Vergine di Oliva

The fine own taste with its light acid adapts harmonical to the flavours of comestibles and is suited ideally to lend a nice Mediterranean touch to salad sauces. Medio is the ideal oil for a potato salad, for vegetables and mushrooms, for fish and in particular tuna, for crustaceans, fowl, in a meat tatar as well as for deep-frying of desserts.

CHF 24.00 per bottle


Extra Vergine di Oliva

The young, perky with a distinctive own taste is the perfect oil for rocket and cress salad and supports smart the flavours of artichokes, tomatoes and sweet pepper as well as legumes. Ideally for a superior pasta Fagioli as well as for regular pasta and lamb meat. And thanks to his intensive own flavour the pure intenso becomes with a fresh French stick the irresistible amuse bouche.

CHF 24.00 per bottle



Mustard aroma in its finest form, smooth and aromatic. This is a very mild mustard mixture which suits many courts as garnish. To grilled meat of all kind, to mild sausages, to cheese and cold cuts. However, the mixture is also suited as a base for salad sauces, marinades and to spice creamy sauces.
Soggy, tepid potato salad with cream mustard is worth an attempt.

CHF 7.10 per glass




Wasabi, the hot Japanese horseradish root, once quite differently. As a mustard infers with figs it receives a new taste dimension. The spiciness is no longer that dominantly, the popular flavour, nevertheless, fully present.
Wasabi mustard fits to many comestibles like salmon, smoked, cooked or grilled, to tuna as well as to cold and warm white fowl. It is suited as a base for dressing of every kind. TIP: Cooked beetroot with Wasabi mustard dressed as a salad!

CHF 7.10 per glass



The blades of the Kai Shun Premier knives with a core of VG-10 steel and a hardness of 61±1 HRC do not only have a beautiful grain, which is created by corroding the 32 layers of forged steel, but also have a hand made hammer stroke surface, which is known in Japan as Tsuchime. Thanks to this extreme hardness and the polished edge, this blade cuts food like a razor.

CHF 756.00 per set in a wood box with 4 knives
CHF 378.00 per set in a wood box with 2 knives





Black apron with overprint «Park Grill»

CHF 35.00 per apron





  • Park Grill – entrance with bar
    Park Grill – entrance with bar
  • Park Grill – table with lake view
    Park Grill – table with lake view
  • Park Grill
    Park Grill
  • Park Grill – table in niche
    Park Grill – table in niche
  • Park Grill – meat and wedges
    Park Grill – meat and wedges
  • Park Grill – lobster
    Park Grill – lobster
  • Park Grill – key lime pie
    Park Grill – key lime pie

The Grape

Restaurant The Grape

The Grape


外带菜单点餐: 从下午6 p.m.到10 p.m. (周三除外)。

周五、 周六和周日从 上午
10 a.m.开始
周一、 周二和周四中午 10 a.m.–2 p.m/晚上6 p.m.


需要提前预订,电话:+41 41 392 07 07。

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LALIQUE Caviar Bar

LALIQUE Caviar Bar

LALIQUE Caviar Bar

在LALIQUE Caviar Bar里,法国水晶生产商LALIQUE提供的璀璨艺术品提供了尊贵气息。酒吧融合了放松和享受,可以将卢塞恩湖壮观的景色尽收眼底。同时还可以尽情品味美味鱼子酱以及各式雪茄和麦芽威士忌。


Beach Bar Lounge


  • 酒窖
  • Wine Spectator


对于细节的热爱和激情都体现在建筑造型、美食体验和高档葡萄酒之中。造型雅致原拱形酒窖可供小型和更大型的私人 (红酒)窖藏功能。总座位数为32人。


Park Weggis供应大约2'600种葡萄酒,拥有瑞士品类最齐全品质最佳的精选葡萄酒系列。众多的选择还包括绝对稀世之珍。葡萄酒产地跨越世界各地的葡萄园,让食客可以尽享葡萄酒的新维度。

窖藏葡萄酒清单始终是《The Wine Spectator》的“最佳卓越奖”的得奖大户。

非列级庄园酒大奖(second-tier award),创建用以特别表扬明显超越卓越奖要求的餐馆;在这些酒单上的都是年份酒。